About us

Our Mission

  • We deepen North-South and South-South Cooperation
  • We share responsibilities in providing solutions to sustainability

Our Vision

  • Becoming a trustworthy and respectable think tank in global legal services
  • Creating added value and extra ladder to our clients towards sustainability

Why name ClimaXmi?

  • ClimaX means we provide an extra ladder to your success in the globalization towards sustainable development.
  • The “X” factor is a human factor.
  • “mi” means “mitigation”; “mi” also means “?” (rice) in Chinese, the primal food for the Chinese people,  “mi” is also the abbreviation of “Management International”.

Why choose ClimaXmi?

  • Active Communication for Solutions: We learn and grow together with our clients. We always active communicate with our clients for win-win solutions and maximize our clients’ benefits.
  • Tailor-made Service: ClimaXmi provides excellent and tailor-made services to governmental bureaus, commercial companies, investment funds and non-governmental organizations. Our character is high quality and high speed legal and sustainability management service.
  • Multicultural and Diversity Management: our recognition and valorisation of cultural differences and individual differences enable us to work with our international clients in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

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