Ewea-windmill-header Legal Consulting Challenges and opportunities come together with the development and changes of international, regional and national laws and regulations. Our professional practices in Asian and European legal service markets range from observing and participating global climate change negotiation, involving EU-China's energy law-making, legal research of technology transfer, to legal practices of China-EU Merger & Acquisition, foreign investment from EU to China and China to EU... All those bring us confidence to provide tailor-made professional legal services to our international clients. ClimaXmi provides a wide range of legal services mainly include:Law-books International Public / Environmental Law

  • Consultation on rules and procedures under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol about climate change
  • Research on development and changes of specific international public laws and/or environmental laws
  • Supporting the specific technology transfer process to address climate change
  • Handling international environmental disputes
  • Handling climate litigation cases together with our partner law firms worldwide

International Commercial/Private Law

  • Drafting and negotiating international trade contracts and international energy trading agreements
  • Structuring technology transfer process from North to South and South to South
  • Conducting bilingual legal due diligence and credit check for companies’ international investment
  • Providing legal advice and managing whole process to environmental-friendly companies for establishing oversea legal entities, merger and acquisition
  • Legal advice to international Non-governmental organizations’ establishment in developing countries
  • Handling international immigration and family cases


Sustainability Governance  Sustainable development should not only strive to strike a balance between environmental, social and economic concerns, but also bring these three dimensions together to create new synergies. ClimaXmi’s team members share proved records on green project management, event management and strategy consulting. Our goal of governance towards sustainable development includes the following services:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Sustainability strategy (SD) consulting and management
  • Advising and governance of International conferences and green events
  • Organizing international regional and local stakeholders workshops for international commercial companies
  • Emission reduction management and policy advice in aviation, transportation and buildings sectors


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